September 28th, 2011

Overnight, the second wave of old school, printed yellow pages/phone directories were left on front stoops and in building lobbies all over Washington Square West – maybe in all of Center City.  The first wave came just a few weeks ago from a rival publisher.

Six minutes after we discovered the “gift” on our own steps, the same packages appeared to have been moved en masse from said front stoops and building lobbies to the blue recycling bins on the pavement, as it happens to be trash day.  Convenient; just a few steps required.  There didn’t seem to be a blue bin on our block, or the next, that didn’t have the books placed there in time for collection.

Six minutes later ...

When, oh when, will this ridiculous waste of resources end?  Not all the books are immediately recycled.  Shrink wrapped cubes of them will linger, sodden, on porches for days or weeks before they finally end up as rubbish or recycling.

Posted from Pennsylvania, United States.

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